Who we are

Nancy Swaim founded the SWAIM390 COMPANIES in 2001 as a boutique investigations firm offering comprehensive services to attorneys, financial professionals, business owners and select private clients. Since 2001, SWAIM390 has handled hundreds of investigations ranging from background checks to complex litigation.

Her extensive experience developing information critical to legal and business matters includes investigating such matters as the death of the billionairess Doris Duke, intellectual property and environmental litigation support, sexual harassment and employment discrimination matters, fraud, due diligence and financial impropriety cases.

SWAIM390 works primarily with attorneys and financial professionals with assignments pertaining to due diligence, litigation support and business intelligence. The firm’s Los Angeles based investigation team provides global support in investigations and accepts assignments by direct referral only.

Our professional memberships include CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators, NCISS (National Council of Investigative and Security Specialists) and Provisors, a professional business network.