SWAIM390 conducts white-collar investigations and information development. Specialty areas include:
  • Litigation support: the process of securing evidence to be used before any court, board, officer or investigating committee, the term includes a wide variety of activities, including asset searches, interviews, archival research, locates and miscellaneous information needs. SWAIM390 handles all matters from long-term, multi-plaintiff matters to those requiring one piece of information.

  • Forensic data recovery: a widely-used term still a mystery to many professionals, a process by which data is extracted from computers by a certified technician using court-approved tools and documented methodology. SWAIM390 technicians exceed the criteria and they are trained to provide concise and accurate court testimony.

  • Surveillance: more dogged patience than cloak-and-dagger. If it's done effectively, surveillance may be a costly and time-intensive tool. Surveillance should be conducted only when it serves as the best solution to an investigative question. SWAIM390 recommends to its clients that we fully assess case needs. Once on the job, we do it seamlessly and cost-effectively with our experienced team.

  • Information development: what is it? According to the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, "an investigation for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to the identity, habits, conduct, business, occupation, honesty, integrity, credibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, efficiency, loyalty, activity or character of any person or business." The legal and business applications are endless. Think creatively: we do.

SWAIM390 is adept at handling matters large and small and varied.

Our clients benefit because we think like a big firm but operate like a boutique firm. We're lean, we're tough and we know our stuff.

Founded in 2001, SWAIM390 has established itself as a bold and innovative firm that represents a modern paradigm. We do the work on-time and on-budget. We also go the extra mile to give our client a win. Our creed: it's not about us, it's about winning for our clients. Why? It makes our day.